The British Photographic Council

• Protect, Develop, Promote

The British Photographic Council exists to protect, develop and promote the rights and interests of photographic image-makers and the bodies that represent them in the UK.

The Council represents these views to the Government, the European Commission and other relevant bodies either directly or through or with the co-operation of other organisations with similar aims.

It also exists to improve and encourage best practice nationally and internationally on matters relating to the use of photography, and the employment and commissioning of photographic image-makers and the use of their work.

The current elected chair can be contacted by email at chair@british-photographic-council.org .Please note that we cannot enter into correspondence or offer advice on specific legal matters or other problems.

• Membership

The British Photographic Council is an umbrella body, and its board is comprised of representatives from its member organisations.

These organisations are:

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• News

Recent News from The British Photographic Council:

COVID-19 pandemic

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British Photographic Council supports freedom of panorama in the face of potential new legislation

Photographers’ groups have united to oppose an attempt to limit photography of urban landscapes and buildings.

UK photographers support music industry action seeking review of law to allow private copying

The British Photographic Council (BPC) has today publicly lent its support to the UK music industry in its action to seek judicial review of the government’s new copyright legislation, which came into effect on 1st October.

British Photographic Council concerns over consequences of new copyright law

Government adopts “friendless, unnecessary, poorly explained and fraught with risk” new copyright legislation, against united opposition from the photographic sector.